We are a company focused on the development of innovative pharmaceutical forms

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has shown an increase in the development of innovative drugs that go beyond what other more traditional ones offered.

At New Pharma Solutions, in addition to covering conventional pharmaceutical forms, we are specialized in innovative, more consumer-friendly pharmaceutical forms, such as new approaches to drug development that guarantee product viability and regulatory compliance.

We are a dynamic, flexible, reliable and customer-oriented pharmaceutical development company.
A consolidated company in Europe thanks to our alliances and dedication, our team of people and our efficient and quality processes.

Our values

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We are a young and solid team with a total lineup and a single goal
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We are motivated to contribute to the health and well-being of people by creating safe, effective and innovative treatments
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We have a creative and multidisciplinary approach that involves knowledge and skills in different areas with a continuous drive to learn
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We develop our own projects independently but attending to the needs of the market, with an entrepreneurial spirit

What do we do


We cover from the beginning of the galenic development to the industrial implantation of the formula.

Galenic development is critical because it allows drug developers to create products that are optimized for bioavailability, stability, and efficacy, making them more effective, have fewer side effects, and can be administered in new and innovative ways.

Our regulatory support services are designed to ensure that our clients’ products meet regulatory requirements and can be successfully brought to market.

Desarrollo galénico
Galenic development
Desarrollo proceso de fabricación
Manufacturing process development
Implantación industrial
Industrial implantation
Desarrollo analítico
Analytical development
Definición de especificaciones
Definition of specifications
Soporte regulatorio
Regulatory Support


Develop OTC, health products and nutraceuticals.

We develop high-quality, safe and effective products that improve the health and well-being of consumers so that they can be sold without a prescription, making them easily accessible to a wide range of customers.

To achieve this goal, at New Pharma Solutions we work in the laboratory to identify and improve existing formulas; purity, stability and shelf life of the product. This involves evaluating the feasibility of the product and determining the best formulation.

New Pharma Solutions guarantees compliance with all legal requirements obtaining the necessary approvals from government agencies. This includes adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices and other industry standards to ensure the product is of the highest quality and meets all regulatory requirements.