We are a company focused on the development of innovative pharmaceutical forms

About us

New Pharma Solutions is a pharmaceutical development laboratory.

In addition to covering conventional pharmaceutical forms, we are specialized in innovative and more consumer-friendly pharmaceutical forms, such as lozenges (candies), jelly beans and medicated chewing gums.


We are a dynamic, flexible and reliable pharmaceutical development company, adapted to the customer's needs.


A consolidated company in Europe due to our alliances and dedication, our team of people and our efficient and quality processes.


> Team

> Passion

> Creativity

> Intrapreneurship

About what we do

We cover from the beginning of the galenic development (preformulation) until the industrial implementation of the formula, offering support in regulatory clarifications once the registration dossiers are submited:

> Galenic development

> Analytical development

> Manufacturing process development

> Definition of the specifications

> Industrial implementation

> Regulatory support

One of our goals is to develop OTC, medical devices and nutraceuticals.

We make assessments of the viability of the product and improve the formulations for its best production at the industrial level.

In fact, we can say that we have already collaborated in 11 pharmaceutical developments for the “pharma” sector, among which are lozenges, mouthwashes, sprays and capsules.

Today, we are developing two new products.